65" 4K Glasses-free 3D Display

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The 65” STV Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage Display incorporates a 65” 4K LED backlight panel integrated with STV 3D optical technology, proprietary rendering and real   time conversion processors

The STV Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage Display providesthe ability to automatically schedule and play pre-converted STV 3D content from a Content Management System(CMS) via USB.

The STV Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage Display's real time conversion technology converts 2D or 3D stereoscopic (with glasses) content to Glasses-Free STV 3D in real time.This means all content delivered via one of the HDMI inputscan be viewed in STV 3D. Devices such as Blu-ray players, cable and satellite receivers, media players, andeven video cameras can take advantage of the integrated conversion technology.

Panel Features: 2D mode

• 65” 4K TFT LCD with LED Backlight

• 16:9 Screen Aspect Ratio

• Supports 3840 x 2160@120Hz 16 Lane

• Displays 10-bit 16.7 Million Colors

• High Brightness up to 450 cd/m2

• Ultra-high contrast ratio(4000:1)

• Ultra-wide viewing angle:178(H)/178(V)

Panel Features: 3D mode

• Proprietary STV 3D Optical System

• Proprietary Rendering Module delivers STV 3D converted content up to 3D Full UHD with High Brightness, High Resolution and Seamless Multi-views to the display

• Real Time Conversion technology enables playback of legacy content to Classes Free 3D

• Horizontal 3D Viewing Angle: 140°

• Vertical 3D Viewing Angle: 40°

• User-adjustable Depth Controls

• Software Switchable 2D/3D

• Optimum viewing distance: 3-5Meters

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